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The elderly are an integral segment of society and constitute a significant proportion of the population around the globe.  The past two years have witnessed a tremendous increase in the number of isolated seniors as the socializing restrictions were in place.

We bring joy to the life of these seniors by inculcating and teaching them new skills and activities.

Our Services

Swimming Together
Swimming Together

Pet Therapy

Specifically for seniors, pets particularly cats and dogs are great for companionship.. Animals are playful, affectionate and give their owners unconditional love. Pet therapy has become popular in treating a variety of illnesses including dementia and Alzheimer’s when it comes to seniors.

Book clubs

Ever thought of another way of getting to know your neighbors better than being able to meet them weekly? When a part of a book club, one can express their opinions in a safe environment. No ideas or thought process can ever be incorrect so the participants get to enjoy the sense of freedom and creativity.

Food gardening

Food gatherings are organized  on a priority basis to ensure vulnerable sections of society have access to food.

Senior-youth interactions for certain language barriers

Seniors are settled in their ways and are seldom excited about picking new skills such as new languages but knowing the basics of a language can be critical for survival and hence we facilitate senior-youth interactions. This wil;l further help the seniors to travel freely, use the latest technology, and be independent in a foreign region.

Chess Clubs

Chess represents a lot more than just being a game. It suits all ages and benefits each population segment tremendously. Chess is easily one of the activities that can work wonders for seniors feeling young

Walking Clubs 

Being part of a walking club is another great way of interacting with other individuals who share the same enthusiasm. Such a club will keep you motivated even on the days when you do not like step[ping out of your bed. This keeps one committed to the activity rather than cutting it short or getting lazy.

Art and handicraft classes

Classes are geared and designed to improve the health, well-being, and renewed sense of purpose of adults ages 55 and older.

Jewelry making

Did you know that Beading can help Seniors improve their fine motor, visual perceptual, visual motor and cognitive skills while making professional jewelry that they are proud to wear.  In our fun and inspiring workshops, our creative instructors focus on helping your residents improve their fine motor, visual perceptual, visual motor and cognitive skills using their creativity to make one-of-a-kind jewelry treasures.

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